Special application

Special application

Shmerling-Synchro Energy Engineering specializes in providing complex engineering solutions to satisfy the most demanding and challenging needs of our customers.

The engineering department designs solutions, according to specifications and to the customer's needs, which will allow the diesel generator to continue its operation under the specified conditions.

Example of unique solutions, developed according to specific requirements:

• Diesel generator adapted to mobile refrigerator-containers.

• Marine diesels for yachts and ships.

• Pumps – diesel with a clutch for drilling devices and water pump.

• Diesel generators for mobile vehicles (ambulances, fire brigades, tour buses).

• Current-Boosting systems which allow the generator to bear extreme load step, without the need to enlarge the nominal output capacity of the generator.

• Manufacture of diesel generators for military applications (MIL Std.) while meeting strict requirements for weight and size.

The company's engineering department is able to provide creative engineering solutions for diverse problems and cope with unique conditions.

Special application Special application Special application