Private power station

Private power station

The idea:

Private power stationFor quite a long time, the Israeli Electric company indorses an adaptive consumer tariff for power consumption – changing the electricity tariffs according to seasons and day hours. According to confirmed calculations, the cost of production of one kilowatt-hour of a diesel generator is significantly lower than the tariff charged by the national electric company at peak load hours.

Hence, switching to diesel-generator power at times when mains costs are significantly higher, allows considerable money saving

and quick return of investment in purchase of a power plant.

What is a private power station?

A private power station is made up of a number of combined systems:

1.Complete diesel generators set (batteries, protection devices,    meters, automatic control panel etc.)

2. Noise-attenuated container or cover according to the noise level required by the customer (60dB(A) – 75dB(A)).

3.Auto-Synchronization system for soft transfer overs (to prevent electrical breakdowns while switching to the generator and back).

4.ATS ( automatic transfer swithches).

5.Infrastructure: cables, fuel tanks and piping system, installation of the entire system and adapting it to environmental  conditions.

Private power station

Who will benefit from a private power station?

1. An energy consumer who pays according to tariffs and is looking to reduce electricity costs.

2. A consumer who owns a generator that is used as backup for emergency and wants to use it in order to save money (depends on the generator's condition and its adaptation for synchronization).

3. A consumer who doesn't have emergency generators.

4. A consumer who has incomplete backup

(the generator is too small) and wants more or complete backup.

5. A consumer who is required to enlarge the power of the main or is required to upgrade to high voltage (as an outcome of higher loads),  can  take advantage of a power station nstead.

6. A consumer who owns old generators, which require fluent maintenance at high costs, can trade-in (depends on the generator's condition).

7. A consumer who is required to perform frequent test-load of the generator can take advantage of the existing systems of the power  station – actually performing a daily full load-test.

8. A consumer who needs a soft transfer system as a result of frequent  electrical breakdowns (such as plastic plants).

And what is the expected ROI?

According to calculations, with the use of diesel generator and synchronization systems which are adapted to peak shaving, it is possible to reach full return of investment in between 3.5 – 5.5 years (including capital refund), depends on the generator's level of

efficiency and the customer's tariff.

Where do power stations operate?

A large number of consumers have already understood that power stations like this save a lot of money. Shmerling-Synchro's power

stations are operating in dozens of companies, Kibbutz' and plants throughout the country, saving the owners thousands of dollars

every day.