Installation department

Installation department

The company has an integral assembly and installation department operating completely within the company (rather than outsourcing).
The department operates according to work plans, layouts and instructions prepared by the engineering department, utilizing sophisticated tools for the assembly and installation of diesel generators. The installation and assembling department also performs pre-installation wiring-up and full load test-run, prior to delivery of the unit to the customer.


The installation department

responsible for the installation of the generators and the accompanying electro-mechanical systems at the site, as well as for the installation of cables and power boards.

The installation department performs the required noise-attenuation  works for generators' rooms, including wall covering in a unique  technique as well as building soundproof coulisses to lower the noise level with the intake and extract of the air.
Upon completion of the installation process, each site is thoroughly examined by company quality control to assure safe and faultless transfer to the end user.

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