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Company Profile

Company Profile- shmerling

Shmerling Synchro Energy Engineering Ltd. provides a wide range of solutions in the field of power generators, from the stage of design, through production and installation and to spare parts provision service.

The company was established in 1968 and has grown to become the leading company of design, manufacturing, assembly, customer support and service in the following fields:

Selling, renting and service of diesel generators.

Noise suppression systems for power generator rooms.

  • Manufacturing, designing and installation of electrical boards and control panels.
  • Synchronization systems and soft transfer switches.
  • Gas generators and  co-generation systems.
  • Marketing controllers for power generators and changeover systems

shmerling synchro

Rotary UPS systems

The company distributes a variety of diesel generators:


and power generators from the following manufacturers:


The generators can be supplied in canopies or containers, attenuated to the noise-level required by the customer and/or installed on a trailer, compatible with the size and weight of the generator.

Engineering Department

Meticulous and professional engineering are the top priorities of our company. Accordingly, our Engineering Department is the largest of its kind among generators companies in Israel.

There are 7 engineers employed in our department, who provide a highly professional design of: electro-mechanical set-up plans of generators and installations (concrete surfaces, fuel tanks and power cables), manufacturing of generators according to specific plans, design of electrical boards, control and synchronization between generators and/or generators and the mains electricity. In addition, our Engineering Department provides support for our company's service and installation departments and helps provide engineering solutions for planning companies as well as consultations for customers interested in purchasing generators.

Engineering Department is responsible for quality control system (ISO9000), which includes testing of generators and electrical boards during and at the end of production process, and before the products are supplied to the customer.